How To Sell Feet Pictures and Make $5,000+ Monthly

As crazy as it sounds, you can really sell feet pictures and make as much as $5,000+ every single month.

This article explains not just how it works but also what this entire selling of feet pictures to foot fetishists is all about.

It also explains a lot about what foot fetish is, how foot fetishists are attracted to feet, examples of popular people with this fetish, etc.

But first…

Why Sell Feet Pictures for Money Online?

Why not, when there are many people who are interested in feet enough to pay good money for the, right?

More so…

The selling of feet pictures may not involve huge initial financial investment. This is a business you can start with little or no fund.

If you already have beautiful or gorgeous feet, that is an asset for you. You can start to utilise your smartphone or some free apps to upload and sell.

It is also good to know that you can register free with many platforms that allow you to upload and sell pictures on their platforms.

In the platforms where you get 100% of the sales, you may need to pay small fees.


The selling of feet pictures is lucrative since there are many potential buyers

The demand for feet pictures is high.

There are many types of buyers like feet fetishists, bloggers, webmasters, foot modeling agencies, advertisers, newspapers, and magazines.

Most importantly, there are millions of people all over the world who have a foot fetish and are willing to pay really well for attractive feet pictures.


What Is Foot Fetishism?

Simply put – this is the love for feet, especially a very strong love and desire for feet more than other parts of the body.


How is Foot Fetishism Expressed?

Foot fetishism can be expressed in different ways. These are simply the different ways in which someone with foot fetishism is turned on.

So, these ways are highlighted as including:

  • The rubbing of the foot
  • The smelling of the foot
  • The tickling of the foot
  • The biting of the foot
  • The sucking of the toes
  • The licking of the foot
  • The kissing of the foot
  • The rubbing of the genitals on the foot
  • The massaging of the foot
  • The worshipping of the foot, etc.

So, yes a foot fetishist is the individual who is specially attracted to feet. The risk of getting an unwanted pregnancy is not possible.

Besides, it is a safer form of sexual expression since the use of the genitals is minimised or eliminated completed,

Contracting sexually transmitted diseases is minimised or eliminated.


Why are Foot Fetishists not accepted by all 

Foot fetishists are not accepted by all because many people still believe it is a weird way of expressing sexual desire. In other words, many people still see foot fetishism as taboo.

It is against their cultural, religious, ethnic norms.

Once this misconception is eliminated then people with this sexual desire would begin to be accepted into mainstream society.


Are Foot Fetishists normal people?

Yes, foot fetishists are normal people just like any other. They simply express their sexual fantasy with feet attraction.

The reason they do this is based on different factors that are associated with their personal lives.

While some become foot fetishists because of their experience during childhood, others become foot fetishists because they want to explore new ways of getting sexually aroused.

So, whether by accident or by the incident, foot fetishists are still your normal people.

Both men and women are known to be fetishists. However, studies have shown that foot fetishism is more prevalent in men than in women.


Is Foot Fetishism Healthy? 

Feet fetishism is healthy especially when performed with clean feet. Anything outside of hygienic feet may be risky.

It is advisable that people with cuts on their skin, skin infections, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) which can spread through contact with the skin be avoided.


Popular people with a Foot Fetish

The following is a list of famous people with a foot fetish.

Quentin Tarantino 

Quentin Tarantino is an American filmmaker and actor.

He is known to be involved with famous films like “Pulp Fiction”, “Kill Bill: Volume 1 & 2”, “Inglourious Basterds”, “Django Unchained”, and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

Quentin Tarantino is known to be a foot fetish. In some of his movies, some scenes show bare feet.

His passion for the feet is well known in Hollywood. In his film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” the filmmaker included many shots of bare feet.

Idris Elba 

Idris Elba is an English actor, writer, producer, rapper, singer, songwriter, and DJ.

He is famous for many blockbuster movies and TV series like: “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”, “Luther”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, “Beast of No Nation”, “Star Trek Beyond”, and “The Mountain Between Us”.


Where to Sell Feet Pics Online to Make $5,000 Monthly 

If you would like to know where to sell your feet pictures online and offline then you have to check out the details below.

You can your feet pictures online. This implies you sell them through websites or apps.

Customers can pay and download photos without meeting with you.

Here are the places to sell these pictures online.


Feet websites 

Feet websites are online platforms where feet pictures are shared and sold.

These websites are specially designed for users who would either like to buy or sell feet pictures.

As a seller, you can sign up with any feet website. You then upload pictures or videos of your feet.

You add a good description to it, and you can set the price you want from the customer.

In most feet websites, the registration is free but you can also subscribe to paid plans and enjoy premium features, tools, or services.

The best feet websites out there will offer you the following:

  • You sign up for free
  • You get access to premium membership easily
  • You enjoy features and tools that would make it easy for you to upload pictures, filter and edit your images, promote your images, and share them with targeted buyers
  • You receive your pay in a secured monetary gateway like Paypal.
  • You can communicate with potential buyers via email, chat, or instant messaging, etc. is a good example of a reliable and trusted feet pictures site. You can sign up with this platform and make money selling feet pictures to targeted buyers.

There are other feet websites you can also check out to sell your pictures. These include Instafeet and Wikifeet.

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Stock photography websites

Stock photography websites are online platforms that are renowned for users of stock photographs.

Various types of pictures are bought and sold on these websites.

They are characterized by their free licensing status. If an individual purchases a picture via a stock photography website, he is free to use the pics as his own as long as he meets the licensing requirements.

These sites also allow interested users to upload various images that can also be downloaded by users for free or for money.

You can sell your feet pictures on these websites because:

  • They exclusively deal with pictures of all shapes and sizes
  • Visitors to these sites are those who seek for pictures
  • You will earn money if your displayed feet pictures are bought by interested buyers
  • You may keep 100% of earnings from the sale of your pics. In most platforms, a percentage of your earnings would be deducted as a commission.
  • You can access free or premium tools that would help you promote your pictures easily and make more money, etc.

Examples of stock photography websites you can checkout to sell your pictures are:

  • 123RF
  • Alamy
  • Big Stock Photo
  • Crestock
  • Dreamstime
  • Fotolia
  • Getty Images
  • iStock
  • Shutterstock
  • Stocksy


Social media websites 

You can sell feet pictures online by signing up with social media platforms. These are interactive websites where the users send and receive messages or chats with one another.

These websites are designed mainly for interactiveness and for building personal or business relationships. Users get to share informative, instructive, entertaining, or educative texts, videos, audios, or pictures as content.

Social media platforms are purely networking platforms. They are also perfect for sharing and selling feet pictures because:

  • They have tools that help the buyer and the seller to build a relationship based on trust. This will lead to targeted sales
  • A member can become very active and influential on the platform. Hence, it would be very easy for him or her to influence buyers to purchase the pictures.
  • These platforms have groups through which the feet picture seller can post their pics for targeted buyers.
  • The platforms can work with third-party apps or websites through which you can be redirected to buy the feet pictures.
  • Social media websites work with special tools and features that enhance the level of search for your feet pictures. A very good example of this feature is the #hashtag feature.
  • These platforms are free. However, users can explore better tools and features if they sign up for business plans or premium subscriptions.

There are many popular social media websites out there. However, some of the best ones to sell your feet pictures are:


Classified ads websites 

Another way to sell your feet pictures online is by using classified ad websites. These are online platforms that allow users to sell items to buyers who are living or staying in the locality. These websites connect buyers and sellers locally.

If you have feet pictures for sale, then you can check out any classified ad website to connect you with potential buyers in your neighborhood.

Why you need to use these websites include:

  • You can sign with them for free
  • You can list your feet photos for free
  • You can tap into local demands for your pictures or items
  • You can easily upload, filter, edit, and add descriptions of the feet pictures on these sites
  • You can access promotional tools or features that would allow you to share and promote your feet pictures on other online sources.
  • You can protect your feet pictures from copyright issues by using a watermark on the samples you have uploaded.

Classified ad websites are very useful for helping your sell feet pictures locally. A list of the best-classified ad websites you can sign up with today include:

  • Adsglobe
  • Craigslist
  • FreeAdsTime
  • Geebo
  • Hobbly
  • Locanto
  • Oodle


Print-on demand websites 

Print-on-demand websites are online platforms where small printing of designs and photos can be done online. They are different from those platforms that deal exclusively with bulk printing.

These sites can print books, mugs, clothes, mobile cases, pillows, and so on.

You can make use of the features of these platforms to sell your feet pictures online. Since you are not selling your pictures directly, you can upload the pictures on these sites to be used for the printing of Tshirts, cups, mobile cases, and other items.

You will get paid if the item on which your feet picture is printed upon sells.

There are many print-on-demand websites out there. However, a list of the best you can check out today include:

  • CafePress
  • Fine Art America
  • Printful
  • Printify
  • Redbubble
  • Spreadshirt
  • Society6
  • Teepublic
  • TeeSpring
  • Threadless
  • Zazzle


Ecommerce websites 

An e-commerce website is an online store where visitors can buy or sell items.

They operate like your normal brick-n-mortar store but the difference is that they do so online.

You can upload your feet pictures on e-commerce websites and get paid whenever an order is made for print or digital versions.

Some of the best e-commerce websites you can sign up to sell your pictures include:

  • Etsy
  • Ebay
  • Shopify


Selling your feet pictures offline 

Selling your feet pictures offline means you are selling the items to customers you can see or meet face to face.

You can take and print photos of your feet and start to make money. The options you have to include:

  • Sell to buyers directly – You can sell to interested buyers your know directly without using an agent or middleman.
  • Sell through garage or yard sales – You can organize a yard or garage sale and have your feet pictures listed among the items you are selling.

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