7 Best Hobbies that can Make you Money

Hobbies that make money are the absolute best, aren’t they?

Thankfully it’s indeed possible to make money doing what you lov, as you will find from reading this article.

So, yes, a hobby is an activity you can do during your free time, mostly for stress-relieving purposes and relaxation.

But there are some hobbies that we tend to enjoy, and we end up doing them more often and being quite skillful at them.

Do you have this hobby-turned-talent, too? Well, the good news is you can earn with that ability of yours!

If you haven’t discovered a hobby yet, feel free to read more as we list down the best ones that can be monetized, and hoping you may find what’s suitable for you.


1. Writing

This hobby can open so many opportunities for you, depending on the effort you put in – from being a freelancer writing for small businesses, or having a blog site of your own where people visit and contact you for big deals.

Sitting for hours and having so many ideas that you can put into a creative flow of words, writing is a hobby that opens a long list of careers for those willing to give the effort and take the risk.

Besides actual writing, you can also offer other services like editing and proofreading, given you have made a writer portfolio.

Tons of websites and programs are available to enhance your writing skills and start your freelance writing services for free.

Although blogging requires cash investment for having your site domain, it is where you can present your words freely in any niche you are interested in at the moment.

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2. Crafting

Perhaps your ideas cannot be entirely confined into words but more into designs. Then you are maybe into crafting.

Making crafts during your spare time is genuinely relaxing, and your artistic side is expressed.

Plus, the fact that people tend to love everything handmade readily can certainly attract buyers within a couple of weeks (or even days) of advertising your crafted goods.

Speaking of advertising, social media platforms are the most accessible outlets for it.

Only posting artistically captured photos of your original crafts, coupled with appropriate trending hashtags, you can reach thousands of accounts.

There are websites too where you can promote your products and let them do the shipping process.

You need to invest some cash, though, but your viewing traffic will be useful as you will be part of their ads and promotions.


3. Cooking

Do you have a cuisine that can be a hit? Or maybe you can cook and instruct at the same time?

Whatever the season, people are always looking for something to cook apart from their usual dishes.

Of course, they will use the internet to search for trending, easy-to-cook recipes.

With cooking, you can start your blog or vlog site (or both), showcasing your delicious creations.

Social media platforms are also good outlets for your food photos, videos, and services.

With enough money and connections, you can head into a shop or a restaurant business immediately.


4. Photography

If you have that skill to capture mesmerizing images or shots that belong to a particular niche, you can earn with your talent.

Photos are critical features to various fields such as blogs, magazines, social media articles, and the like.

You can even sell your feet photographs and other photographs to some sponsored posts on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Another way is to turn your originally photographed images into a design and sell it as a framed or canvass print.

Images that have artistic touches are excellent for living room displays; hence, your pictures are monetized.

Do not worry about the printing and shipping processes, as there are many print-on-demand websites that you can join.

These sites do the mentioned tasks without asking for your money, but you only get a percentage of the sales.


5. Music

Another artistic hobby that can turn into talent is if you are a musically inclined person. It gives you chances to earn more.

You can record and produce your songs, beats, or sounds in music platforms such as SoundCloud and Spotify.

Then, advertise them on social media through posting a teaser of your record.

Music can also be an interesting niche for a blog website or YouTube channel. It will require another set of skills, though, such as writing and video editing.

Tutoring or teaching music is another steady opportunity.

A lot of parents are searching for an expert or intermediate level musician to teach their kids either online or personally.


6. Comedy

Having a comedic talent is not the learnable type – it is best when it comes naturally.

Natural-born comedians can make people laugh from a particular statement or act without really putting too much effort.

There’s just something hilarious about them and how they deliver a punch line or a joke.

Depending on your location, there are several comedy clubs where you can monetize your funny antics and skills.

These clubs are mostly always looking for a new jester to bring in new sets of laughs.

You can also opt to do vlogs of comedy skits and post it on your YouTube channel and social media accounts.

Promote your videos with the trending hashtags to get enough subscribers and views, and you will start earning from them.


7. Gaming

The latest technologies have been developed in the gaming world, too.

Gaming is a costly hobby, considering all the pricey equipment and the constant game updates that every real gamer is eager to have their hands on.

Bringing out certain games through live streaming is another way of earning while doing your hobby.

With enough connections and your confidence and mastery in playing, you can get your invested cash back.

If you can bid farewell to your old gaming gears, you can also sell them to conventions.

There are also game collectors continually looking for authentic and antique gaming materials, which will give you a reasonable amount of money, depending on the product you’re selling.

Hobbies can also be a source of profit if one will put effort into honing it into a talent.

But most importantly, choose a pastime that you will truly enjoy and love – because reducing your worries and tensions through it is enough reward.

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