How To Save Money With A Baby

If you are expecting a new baby then you must be prepared for a lot of expenses.

You will need to budget for baby food, clothes, pharmaceuticals, diapers and so on.

The budget could be overwhelming and there are times when unexpected expenses bump up.

Now, if you are on a tight budget, you can still save a lot of costs with a baby.

One of the ways of achieving this is by getting free baby items, and another way is by shopping at discounts.


8 Best Tips To Help You Save Money With A Baby

Below are some of the very best and most useful tips on how to save money when it comes to shopping for baby items.


1. Get your baby items for Free

There are many baby items like clothes and diapers you can get for free.

If you have the opportunity, shop from websites or platforms where you are provided with free diapers – for instance.

You can ask for free diapers from the doctor’s office or from non-governmental organizations that share these items to impoverished households.

By doing this, you will save money with a baby. So, ask for free baby items if possible!


2. Join Loyalty Programs for baby items

Brands that sell baby items often provide loyalty programs that allow customers to shop free or at the cheapest prices.

When you go shopping check out any of such programs and join.

For instance, diaper brands like Huggies and Pampers have loyalty programs that can help mothers and customers to save money when they join.

Customers can earn free diapers, gift cards, wipes, and other gifts.

To participate in some of these loyalty programs, you simply enter codes into the app or website provided.

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3. Use Discount Apps to save and get cash backs on baby foods, clothes, and other items

You can save money with a baby if you use your mobile phone to shop for what you want.

Many mobile apps offer you the opportunity to buy items at a discount.

With some of these apps, you will enjoy huge discounts and money back when you buy featured baby items.

Ibotta and Walmart’s Savings Catcher are examples of apps you can use to save cost when buying items for your baby.


4. Have a Baby Shower to get gifts

One of the best ways to save with a baby is to organize a baby shower.

At least, you won’t have to buy the baby gifts brought to you at the party.

If you have many guests at this event, then there is a possibility that you will receive many gifts like toys, clothes, and diapers.

So, plan a baby shower, enjoy gifts, and save money.


5. Arrange with a friend whose kid is only a little older than yours.

If you have a friend whose kid is older than your baby then you can arrange with her to provide you with her baby’s used or overgrown items.

This will save you the stress and money used to buy new ones.

Your friend can also give you advice on the best resources to buy cheaper items as a parent.

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6. Complete Baby Registries

You can save money with babies by completing baby registries at stores that sell baby items.

For instance, before or due date of your baby shower you create a baby registry at Amazon and Babies R Us.

Each of these stores will give you a coupon to buy any item left on your list.

Amazon can give you up to15% off on the items you left on your list while Babies R Us will give you around  10% off, and 10% as cashback.


7. Open a Savings Account towards buying specific items for the baby

You can save with a baby by opening a savings account.

In this account, you can encourage family members (especially grandparents-to-be) to contribute cash as gifts to the account.

When funds are accumulated in this account, it would become easier to keep a baby’s savings account.

When you open this account, you must be specific about what the funds would be used for. This will inspire people to contribute easily.

For example, you can state that the cash gifts from the account would be used towards buying a new crib or bicycle for the baby.


8. Ask Your Doctor for Samples

You can save with baby by asking your doctor to give you samples of baby items.

Some brands may like to introduce new products and give medical doctors samples to share with their patients.

You can ask your doctor to recommend free samples that she think are right for your baby.


9. Sign up for Coupons

Many brands out there have coupons they offer to customers to increase patronage.

You can sign up for these coupons online and save a lot of money in your baby items.

Whether it is baby formula, diapers, baby soaps, etc, you will always find coupons from the major baby brands.

You can also sign up for coupon offers from brands like Similac which also provides coupons offers on photo books, birth announcements, and baby-centered items, etc, in its Similac Strong Mom offers.


10. Breastfeed as long as you can

You can save money with a baby if you go on exclusive breastfeeding for the few months of the baby’s life.

You can breastfeed as much as you can.

This will save you the cost of buying baby foods and formula. You can also enjoy free info and resources from lactation consultants.


11. Connect With Local Moms and use your network

You can join local mom groups and get free baby items from them.

Yes, you can sign up to find moms or parents who are cleaning out their homes.

From here you can get some items for free or at low cost.

Sign up with local groups at Facebook Groups or through platforms like

Save for Medical Costs

You can baby-proof your home to prevent accidents. This will save you a lot of medical costs.


12. Use a good Insurance policy

Make sure you get an insurance policy that will cover your pregnancy and nursing period.

Good insurance will help you save money with a baby especially when it comes to spending big on medicals.


13. Borrow maternity clothes from friends

You should consider the option of borrowing maternity clothes.

Find a friend who’s willing to pass the clothes that she has used for only a few weeks to you.