How To Sell Feet Pictures and Make $5,000+ Monthly

As crazy as it sounds, you can really sell feet pictures and make as much as $5,000+ every single month.

This article explains not just how it works but also what this entire selling of feet pictures to foot fetishists is all about.

It also explains a lot about what foot fetish is, how foot fetishists are attracted to feet, examples of popular people with this fetish, etc.

But first…

Why Sell Feet Pictures for Money Online?

Why not, when there are many people who are interested in feet enough to pay good money for the, right?

More so…

The selling of feet pictures may not involve huge initial financial investment. This is a business you can start with little or no fund.

If you already have beautiful or gorgeous feet, that is an asset for you. You can start to utilise your smartphone or some free apps to upload and sell.

It is also good to know that you can register free with many platforms that allow you to upload and sell pictures on their platforms.

In the platforms where you get 100% of the sales, you may need to pay small fees.


The selling of feet pictures is lucrative since there are many potential buyers

The demand for feet pictures is high.

There are many types of buyers like feet fetishists, bloggers, webmasters, foot modeling agencies, advertisers, newspapers, and magazines.

Most importantly, there are millions of people all over the world who have a foot fetish and are willing to pay really well for attractive feet pictures.


What Is Foot Fetishism?

Simply put – this is the love for feet, especially a very strong love and desire for feet more than other parts of the body.


How is Foot Fetishism Expressed?

Foot fetishism can be expressed in different ways. These are simply the different ways in which someone with foot fetishism is turned on.

So, these ways are highlighted as including:

  • The rubbing of the foot
  • The smelling of the foot
  • The tickling of the foot
  • The biting of the foot
  • The sucking of the toes
  • The licking of the foot
  • The kissing of the foot
  • The rubbing of the genitals on the foot
  • The massaging of the foot
  • The worshipping of the foot, etc.

So, yes a foot fetishist is the individual who is specially attracted to feet. The risk of getting an unwanted pregnancy is not possible.

Besides, it is a safer form of sexual expression since the use of the genitals is minimised or eliminated completed,

Contracting sexually transmitted diseases is minimised or eliminated.


Why are Foot Fetishists not accepted by all 

Foot fetishists are not accepted by all because many people still believe it is a weird way of expressing sexual desire. In other words, many people still see foot fetishism as taboo.

It is against their cultural, religious, ethnic norms.

Once this misconception is eliminated then people with this sexual desire would begin to be accepted into mainstream society.


Are Foot Fetishists normal people?

Yes, foot fetishists are normal people just like any other. They simply express their sexual fantasy with feet attraction.

The reason they do this is based on different factors that are associated with their personal lives.

While some become foot fetishists because of their experience during childhood, others become foot fetishists because they want to explore new ways of getting sexually aroused.

So, whether by accident or by the incident, foot fetishists are still your normal people.

Both men and women are known to be fetishists. However, studies have shown that foot fetishism is more prevalent in men than in women.


Is Foot Fetishism Healthy? 

Feet fetishism is healthy especially when performed with clean feet. Anything outside of hygienic feet may be risky.

It is advisable that people with cuts on their skin, skin infections, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) which can spread through contact with the skin be avoided.


Popular people with a Foot Fetish

The following is a list of famous people with a foot fetish.

Quentin Tarantino 

Quentin Tarantino is an American filmmaker and actor.

He is known to be involved with famous films like “Pulp Fiction”, “Kill Bill: Volume 1 & 2”, “Inglourious Basterds”, “Django Unchained”, and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

Quentin Tarantino is known to be a foot fetish. In some of his movies, some scenes show bare feet.

His passion for the feet is well known in Hollywood. In his film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” the filmmaker included many shots of bare feet.

Idris Elba 

Idris Elba is an English actor, writer, producer, rapper, singer, songwriter, and DJ.

He is famous for many blockbuster movies and TV series like: “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”, “Luther”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, “Beast of No Nation”, “Star Trek Beyond”, and “The Mountain Between Us”.


Where to Sell Feet Pics Online to Make $5,000 Monthly 

If you would like to know where to sell your feet pictures online and offline then you have to check out the details below.

You can your feet pictures online. This implies you sell them through websites or apps.

Customers can pay and download photos without meeting with you.

Here are the places to sell these pictures online.


Feet websites 

Feet websites are online platforms where feet pictures are shared and sold.

These websites are specially designed for users who would either like to buy or sell feet pictures.

As a seller, you can sign up with any feet website. You then upload pictures or videos of your feet.

You add a good description to it, and you can set the price you want from the customer.

In most feet websites, the registration is free but you can also subscribe to paid plans and enjoy premium features, tools, or services.

The best feet websites out there will offer you the following:

  • You sign up for free
  • You get access to premium membership easily
  • You enjoy features and tools that would make it easy for you to upload pictures, filter and edit your images, promote your images, and share them with targeted buyers
  • You receive your pay in a secured monetary gateway like Paypal.
  • You can communicate with potential buyers via email, chat, or instant messaging, etc. is a good example of a reliable and trusted feet pictures site. You can sign up with this platform and make money selling feet pictures to targeted buyers.

There are other feet websites you can also check out to sell your pictures. These include Instafeet and Wikifeet.

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Stock photography websites

Stock photography websites are online platforms that are renowned for users of stock photographs.

Various types of pictures are bought and sold on these websites.

They are characterized by their free licensing status. If an individual purchases a picture via a stock photography website, he is free to use the pics as his own as long as he meets the licensing requirements.

These sites also allow interested users to upload various images that can also be downloaded by users for free or for money.

You can sell your feet pictures on these websites because:

  • They exclusively deal with pictures of all shapes and sizes
  • Visitors to these sites are those who seek for pictures
  • You will earn money if your displayed feet pictures are bought by interested buyers
  • You may keep 100% of earnings from the sale of your pics. In most platforms, a percentage of your earnings would be deducted as a commission.
  • You can access free or premium tools that would help you promote your pictures easily and make more money, etc.

Examples of stock photography websites you can checkout to sell your pictures are:

  • 123RF
  • Alamy
  • Big Stock Photo
  • Crestock
  • Dreamstime
  • Fotolia
  • Getty Images
  • iStock
  • Shutterstock
  • Stocksy


Social media websites 

You can sell feet pictures online by signing up with social media platforms. These are interactive websites where the users send and receive messages or chats with one another.

These websites are designed mainly for interactiveness and for building personal or business relationships. Users get to share informative, instructive, entertaining, or educative texts, videos, audios, or pictures as content.

Social media platforms are purely networking platforms. They are also perfect for sharing and selling feet pictures because:

  • They have tools that help the buyer and the seller to build a relationship based on trust. This will lead to targeted sales
  • A member can become very active and influential on the platform. Hence, it would be very easy for him or her to influence buyers to purchase the pictures.
  • These platforms have groups through which the feet picture seller can post their pics for targeted buyers.
  • The platforms can work with third-party apps or websites through which you can be redirected to buy the feet pictures.
  • Social media websites work with special tools and features that enhance the level of search for your feet pictures. A very good example of this feature is the #hashtag feature.
  • These platforms are free. However, users can explore better tools and features if they sign up for business plans or premium subscriptions.

There are many popular social media websites out there. However, some of the best ones to sell your feet pictures are:


Classified ads websites 

Another way to sell your feet pictures online is by using classified ad websites. These are online platforms that allow users to sell items to buyers who are living or staying in the locality. These websites connect buyers and sellers locally.

If you have feet pictures for sale, then you can check out any classified ad website to connect you with potential buyers in your neighborhood.

Why you need to use these websites include:

  • You can sign with them for free
  • You can list your feet photos for free
  • You can tap into local demands for your pictures or items
  • You can easily upload, filter, edit, and add descriptions of the feet pictures on these sites
  • You can access promotional tools or features that would allow you to share and promote your feet pictures on other online sources.
  • You can protect your feet pictures from copyright issues by using a watermark on the samples you have uploaded.

Classified ad websites are very useful for helping your sell feet pictures locally. A list of the best-classified ad websites you can sign up with today include:

  • Adsglobe
  • Craigslist
  • FreeAdsTime
  • Geebo
  • Hobbly
  • Locanto
  • Oodle


Print-on demand websites 

Print-on-demand websites are online platforms where small printing of designs and photos can be done online. They are different from those platforms that deal exclusively with bulk printing.

These sites can print books, mugs, clothes, mobile cases, pillows, and so on.

You can make use of the features of these platforms to sell your feet pictures online. Since you are not selling your pictures directly, you can upload the pictures on these sites to be used for the printing of Tshirts, cups, mobile cases, and other items.

You will get paid if the item on which your feet picture is printed upon sells.

There are many print-on-demand websites out there. However, a list of the best you can check out today include:

  • CafePress
  • Fine Art America
  • Printful
  • Printify
  • Redbubble
  • Spreadshirt
  • Society6
  • Teepublic
  • TeeSpring
  • Threadless
  • Zazzle


Ecommerce websites 

An e-commerce website is an online store where visitors can buy or sell items.

They operate like your normal brick-n-mortar store but the difference is that they do so online.

You can upload your feet pictures on e-commerce websites and get paid whenever an order is made for print or digital versions.

Some of the best e-commerce websites you can sign up to sell your pictures include:

  • Etsy
  • Ebay
  • Shopify


Selling your feet pictures offline 

Selling your feet pictures offline means you are selling the items to customers you can see or meet face to face.

You can take and print photos of your feet and start to make money. The options you have to include:

  • Sell to buyers directly – You can sell to interested buyers your know directly without using an agent or middleman.
  • Sell through garage or yard sales – You can organize a yard or garage sale and have your feet pictures listed among the items you are selling.

How To Save Money With A Baby

If you are expecting a new baby then you must be prepared for a lot of expenses.

You will need to budget for baby food, clothes, pharmaceuticals, diapers and so on.

The budget could be overwhelming and there are times when unexpected expenses bump up.

Now, if you are on a tight budget, you can still save a lot of costs with a baby.

One of the ways of achieving this is by getting free baby items, and another way is by shopping at discounts.


8 Best Tips To Help You Save Money With A Baby

Below are some of the very best and most useful tips on how to save money when it comes to shopping for baby items.


1. Get your baby items for Free

There are many baby items like clothes and diapers you can get for free.

If you have the opportunity, shop from websites or platforms where you are provided with free diapers – for instance.

You can ask for free diapers from the doctor’s office or from non-governmental organizations that share these items to impoverished households.

By doing this, you will save money with a baby. So, ask for free baby items if possible!


2. Join Loyalty Programs for baby items

Brands that sell baby items often provide loyalty programs that allow customers to shop free or at the cheapest prices.

When you go shopping check out any of such programs and join.

For instance, diaper brands like Huggies and Pampers have loyalty programs that can help mothers and customers to save money when they join.

Customers can earn free diapers, gift cards, wipes, and other gifts.

To participate in some of these loyalty programs, you simply enter codes into the app or website provided.

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3. Use Discount Apps to save and get cash backs on baby foods, clothes, and other items

You can save money with a baby if you use your mobile phone to shop for what you want.

Many mobile apps offer you the opportunity to buy items at a discount.

With some of these apps, you will enjoy huge discounts and money back when you buy featured baby items.

Ibotta and Walmart’s Savings Catcher are examples of apps you can use to save cost when buying items for your baby.


4. Have a Baby Shower to get gifts

One of the best ways to save with a baby is to organize a baby shower.

At least, you won’t have to buy the baby gifts brought to you at the party.

If you have many guests at this event, then there is a possibility that you will receive many gifts like toys, clothes, and diapers.

So, plan a baby shower, enjoy gifts, and save money.


5. Arrange with a friend whose kid is only a little older than yours.

If you have a friend whose kid is older than your baby then you can arrange with her to provide you with her baby’s used or overgrown items.

This will save you the stress and money used to buy new ones.

Your friend can also give you advice on the best resources to buy cheaper items as a parent.

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6. Complete Baby Registries

You can save money with babies by completing baby registries at stores that sell baby items.

For instance, before or due date of your baby shower you create a baby registry at Amazon and Babies R Us.

Each of these stores will give you a coupon to buy any item left on your list.

Amazon can give you up to15% off on the items you left on your list while Babies R Us will give you around  10% off, and 10% as cashback.


7. Open a Savings Account towards buying specific items for the baby

You can save with a baby by opening a savings account.

In this account, you can encourage family members (especially grandparents-to-be) to contribute cash as gifts to the account.

When funds are accumulated in this account, it would become easier to keep a baby’s savings account.

When you open this account, you must be specific about what the funds would be used for. This will inspire people to contribute easily.

For example, you can state that the cash gifts from the account would be used towards buying a new crib or bicycle for the baby.


8. Ask Your Doctor for Samples

You can save with baby by asking your doctor to give you samples of baby items.

Some brands may like to introduce new products and give medical doctors samples to share with their patients.

You can ask your doctor to recommend free samples that she think are right for your baby.


9. Sign up for Coupons

Many brands out there have coupons they offer to customers to increase patronage.

You can sign up for these coupons online and save a lot of money in your baby items.

Whether it is baby formula, diapers, baby soaps, etc, you will always find coupons from the major baby brands.

You can also sign up for coupon offers from brands like Similac which also provides coupons offers on photo books, birth announcements, and baby-centered items, etc, in its Similac Strong Mom offers.


10. Breastfeed as long as you can

You can save money with a baby if you go on exclusive breastfeeding for the few months of the baby’s life.

You can breastfeed as much as you can.

This will save you the cost of buying baby foods and formula. You can also enjoy free info and resources from lactation consultants.


11. Connect With Local Moms and use your network

You can join local mom groups and get free baby items from them.

Yes, you can sign up to find moms or parents who are cleaning out their homes.

From here you can get some items for free or at low cost.

Sign up with local groups at Facebook Groups or through platforms like

Save for Medical Costs

You can baby-proof your home to prevent accidents. This will save you a lot of medical costs.


12. Use a good Insurance policy

Make sure you get an insurance policy that will cover your pregnancy and nursing period.

Good insurance will help you save money with a baby especially when it comes to spending big on medicals.


13. Borrow maternity clothes from friends

You should consider the option of borrowing maternity clothes.

Find a friend who’s willing to pass the clothes that she has used for only a few weeks to you.


How to Get Paid to Read Emails and the Best Companies that Pay

If you want to get paid to read emails, you can, especially after reading this article.

I’m sure you scroll through your inbox every day, even if you know that there’s nothing extraordinary that’s going to pop up. You go through hundreds, sometimes thousands of promotional emails that you receive daily!

What if I told you that you could earn money for doing this task? There are a few legitimate sites that let you do that.

Many of us are familiar with websites that pay you to watch videos and upload shopping receipts, and we understand the idea behind it. It works to help companies get to know more about their customers’ shopping habits and use them as sources for marketing and advertising.

But reading an email is something new, and it doesn’t seem very obvious why a company would want to pay you to do that.

We researched a bit further and found out that advertising was the main reason behind this too! A study showed that the click-through rate for emails is a measly 3.1%.

That’s why advertisers wanted to give customers some motivation for opening their emails, and what better incentive than actually paying them money to do so?

These emails contain advertisements for various products. Sometimes you can open them, and at other times it might be followed by a short survey to get an idea of how you perceive the email.

You generally get paid $0.01 to $0.05 per email, that can later be redeemed.

They aren’t the best way to generate additional income, but a few gift cards here and there never hurt anyone. If you Google, you can find a ton of websites that claim to pay you to read emails.


Best Companies That Pay You To Read Emails

But how do you decide for yourself if this works? Don’t worry. We’ve done the job for you.

We’ve researched the best and most reputed companies that pay their users handsomely.

So, get ready to spend a little more time in your inbox to earn some extra bucks!


1. MyPoints

MyPoints is an excellent website originally meant for people looking for some financial help while shopping online. It has unique cashback options from brands that they have partnerships with.

Similarly, they send offers in the form of emails that are connected with their partner brands. They have tie-ups with over 2,000 retailers.

If you click on the links mentioned in the email sent to you and don’t end up purchasing anything, you still get points for just reading the email.

It is a legit website that will help you make money in your free time.

Anywhere between 5 to 30 points are what you can earn by clicking on the links available in the emails that they send. In total, you need 700 coins to receive a gift card, which is worth $5.

In case you’re looking for cash, you can opt for the PayPal cash out.

They also have a referral program wherein if someone joins through your link; you get 25 points and even 10% of all the points that your referrals earn.

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2. Fusion Cash

With a $5 bonus for just joining, this is the best website for people who can manage to be active on the site.

You earn points for all the emails that you receive, and you can exchange them in the form of cash.

The only drawback with this website is that if you’re not active for 90 days, the points that you earned from the site are lost.

The minimum payout is $25, and the best part is that there is no processing fee when you want to cash out.

If you’re more than 18 years of age, you should check this website out.


3. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is perfect for people who prefer using their smartphones compared to a tablet or a PC because it has a very user-friendly mobile application.

You get a $5 sign up bonus, and it is one of the most active websites out there.

When you click on a paid email by InboxDollars, it will take you to their website or the advertiser’s website. Once you confirm that you’ve read the email, you receive your bonus immediately.

You can also earn more by participating in the offers active on the website’s home page.

You have a $30 minimum cash out, which can be redeemed in the form of Amazon gift cards or as PayPal cash.


4. Cash Crate

Cash Crate provides several ways to earn some quick bucks. Although the main tasks you receive are survey invites, they let you know if you qualify for the survey and how much you will be paid for it.

With minimum cash out of $20 in your account, you can also play games, shop online, and refer people for extra money.

They pay you $1 for signing up and are open to international users as well.

By reading the emails, you might not get paid enough, but by visiting the affiliate links mentioned in their emails and completing specific small tasks, you can earn some money.

Also, they have terrific deals for cashback offers from partner brands!

Also, check out this unique way of earning money with pictures.


5. SwagBucks 

It’s one of the most well-known websites with people looking to make money in their spare time. They have great cashback offers if you shop through their online portal.

The emails they send out to you have these cashback offers, so you can save a lot of money by shopping on their platform.

They pay you in the form of SwagBucks, short for SBs, and 100 SBs is equivalent to $1.

They have a sign-up bonus of $5, and you are allowed to cash up as soon as you have $3 in your account.  On the website, you can also earn more SBs, by playing games watching videos, and taking online surveys.


6. Unique Rewards

With a $5 sign up bonus and $5 every time you refer someone on this website, it’s quite popular with beginners because it has a lot of tutorials to help you get started.

They also have other ways to make more cash, but since they send emails frequently, you wouldn’t want to switch. You get paid for reading emails from advertisers and partner brands.

At the end of each day, all your earnings accumulate in your account. The only drawback with this website is that if you complete your tasks say on a Thursday, you will be paid after four days since they pay only every Monday.


How to Get Paid to Chat Online and Best Companies that Pay THOUSANDS

Yes, you can now really get paid to chat online and there are really genuine companies out there that pay.

You can also really earn thousands of dollars just doing this, from the comfort of your home.

Quick questions first…

Do you find yourself always on your phone chatting with someone?

Do you feel as if you are glued to your mobile device most of the time?

Why not get paid to do something like that?

You’ll be surprised to know that many companies would pay you to chat online.

Whether it is in the form of an online call center, customer support representative, or just usual promotional texts, you can earn money while working from the comfort of your home.

Why does this work?

A lot of companies require people who will provide customer service support to their clients, whether for technical issues or any other concern.

Also, with issues like the COVID-19 lockdown, many people get lonely and crave for some company—especially those living alone and having a hard time because they need human connection.

Chatting online with people keeps them in touch with the real world without stepping outside their homes and risking their lives.

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Best Companies That Pay You To Chat Online

Why are there companies who are willing to pay people to do this?

Companies want to keep their customers engaged and connecting with them through this medium will accomplish such.

So, if this is something you would like to do, we’ve listed the best companies where you can offer your services.

At times it is not easy for newbies to know which are the legit sites out there.

That’s where this article will become handy, to nudge you in the right direction.

1. Amazon Chat Support Representative

This opportunity is one of the most amazing ways you can earn money.

Even though the job listings for Amazon’s service are very few, they have positions open for people who can qualify to operate as customer support representatives.

They’re talking to Amazon customers who have issues with their orders and help in resolving them.

For example, when a customer returns a product and is not issued a refund on time, he connects with chat support.

The representative then raises the issue with the company and helps the customer get a refund for their return product.

Since this is a part-time job and you can work from your home, all you need is a good and stable internet connection.

The best part is that if you perform consistently well, you can find yourself a full-time job opportunity with Amazon.

You can lookout for the best opportunities as well during the holiday season!


2. The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop hires people to work as Chat Agents from virtual locations.

You can work as a customer service representative or a technical support agent.

It is an extremely professional company as they have a list of criteria that you need to qualify for before you can start working for them.

These are impeccable communication skills, organizational abilities, and typing speed of no less than 80 WPM.

Even if you have no experience in the field that they’ve offered you, they have training sessions to equip you.

A full-time agent is expected to work from 35 to 40 hours a week. They pay around $10 per hour for your services.


3. JustAnswer

They hire independent operators that are required to answer questions being asked by different people.

The primary responsibilities involve answering technical questions.

So, you really should have sufficient information about the field or would have read research data so that you can answer the questions correctly and satisfactorily.

This way, you can help people with finding answers to queries about your area of expertise.

What you need is an internet connection and a smartphone to make this work.

Every time your solution is accepted, you get paid anywhere between $5 to $30.


4. LiveWorld

LiveWorld requires representatives to connect with their customers.

They need help to improve the customer relationship management experience by initiating conversations and forging strong relationships through the digital space.

They offer both work from home and part-time job opportunities.

They are quite employee-centric, which is why they provide numerous benefits such as medical and dental, flexible time, and vacation days.

All you need to do is create a personal profile and have an operational PayPal account. LiveWorld asks for necessary skills such as clear communication and fast typing skills, correct grammar and punctuation, and multitasking abilities.

Your duties can vary from social media engagement to customer service and monitoring.


5. Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is a good fit for women looking up to take a bit of a more adventurous task.

On this website, women can talk to men for a certain amount of money.

If you’re good at talking to people and listening to their problems, you can check this out.

They have both options – video calls and simple texting.

You can also use your phone to connect through the Chat Recruit app.

You can opt for video calls or audio calls.

However, if you’re not comfortable with cameras, you can avoid this option as well.

You can log-in whenever you want and can spend a few hours on this site to make some money.

Averaging $2 earnings for every minute, Chat Recruit is a safe and secure site where you can work according to your time schedules.


6. Asurion

If you’re confident that you can put your communication skills to good use, but you do not have the luxury of going outside of your home for a job, Asurion is the right fit for you.

They recruit workers as young as 16 years of age, so it’s a good gig for teenage students to earn some side money.

With an hourly wage of $10 – $12, they let you create your working schedule from your home’s convenience.

You get paid to talk on the phone as a service representative, and you can decide if you want to work part-time or full-time with them.

If your primary source of income has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the programs above offer an excellent way to earn extra money in your spare time.

The Internet has innumerable opportunities for you.

So, go forth, explore, and enjoy some of the benefits of working from home.


Feetify Review – Legit or Scam Site?

If you are interested in selling feet pictures for money then you should know where and how to do it.

One of the best places to sell and buy feet pictures is a website called Feetify.

This website offers users lots of benefits and advantages as they sell feet pictures.

To make the most of Feetify, you need to understand how to use it. Therefore, here is a Feetify Review.

This post specifically reveals how to use Feetify to the best maximum. Everything you need to know about this website is explained therein.


Truth about Feetify for Selling Feet Pics

Feetify is a website where feet pictures and videos are sold. People who love foot pictures find this website appealing.

You can buy foot pictures for your personal or business needs. Yes, people buy feet pictures from this site for different reasons like:

  • To fulfill their foot fetish and sexual fantasy
  • To recruit foot models for agencies
  • To advertise products like shoes, socks, jewelry, beauty products, drugs, and other items.
  • To provide a cover for newspaper and print publications
  • To support blog and website content, etc.


Is Feetify a Legit Website?

Without doubts, Feetify is a legit site with thousands of genuine members making money selling their feet pictures.

Feetify allows sellers to display and sell high quality and customized feet pictures. The platform has lots of members that include buyers and sellers.


Is Feetify Free to Join and Use?

Yes, Feetify is completely free to join. Users can connect, chat, buy, sell, and enjoy feet pictures.

Feetify provides the right tools for feet lovers and those with beautiful feet.


How to use Feetify

Feetify is easy to use. The following are details on how to use the website.


Register as a buyer or seller

You can register as a buyer or seller on this platform. Registration is free, and so you don’t pay any money to become a member.

However, before using this website, you must be at least 18 years old to participate in Feetify.


Create a profile

After registration, you can create a profile and add a good quality profile picture of your face (or feet).

You should fill the following details when to sign up as a new member:

  • Username,
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Full name,
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • City
  • Country
  • Age confirmation, etc.

Once you are through, you can sign up

To access your profile page, you can log in and you can click on the “Profile” link at the top or bottom of any page you are on.

Once you are on your profile page, you can do a lot of things that include:

  • You can edit your profile
  • You can add your profile picture
  • You can upload your feet pictures
  • You can upload your feet videos, etc.


Use the search tool

Feetify has a search tool that users can access to buy the feet pictures or videos they want.

You can use this tool to search all thousands of members for exactly what you want.

The beauty of this tool is that you get what you want within seconds.

To make the most of Feetify Search tool, then:

  • You can search by Age ( for instance, you can search between x and x age)
  • You can search by Gender (male or female)
  • You can search by Location (City/Country)
  • You can search by feet type/size, etc.


Connect with other members

Feetify allows you to connect with members that are using the same platform. You can

chat with potential buyers or sellers. The various ways to connect with others include:

  • Clicking on the seller’s profile picture to open up their profile page and read more about them
  • Clicking on the “Dollar” sign under any member to give them cash gifts or to pay for the promoted customized feet pictures or videos
  • Clicking on the “Photo” sign under any seller to view and get access to different samples of pictures and videos
  • Clicking on the “Comment” sing under any seller to send a private message.

So, Feetify allows you to connect, contact, and communicate with members with ease. You can use the various tools put in place to start doing this.


Buy/sell feet pictures/videos and enjoy numerous benefits

Feetify is a platform that is created mainly for buying and selling of feet pictures and videos.


feetify review sell feet


If you want to know how you can use this site to buy or sell, here are what you should do.

As a buyer, you can upgrade to premium membership enjoy the following advantages as highlighted by the “Upgrade to Feetify Premium Buyer” page:

  • You can view all profiles of sellers.
  • You can add any of the sellers as “friends”.
  • You can view all feet pictures/videos of sellers.
  • You can receive messages from all sellers.
  • You can reply to all messages from all sellers.
  • You can give cash gift$ to sellers directly.
  • You can buy customized feet pictures from sellers.
  • You can buy customized feet videos from sellers.
  • Your profile will be promoted on our special “Featured sellers” page.
  • You get a much faster response from Feetify support team if/when you have questions or issues.
  • Your payments to the sellers are handled discretely by Feetify so that your details are not revealed to sellers.
  • You can click on the “Dollar” sign under any seller to give them cash tips or pay for customized pics/vids.

As a seller, you can also upgrade to premium membership and get the benefits as highlighted on the upgrade to Feetify premium seller website:

  • You can add an unlimited number of your feet pictures
  • You can add an unlimited number of your feet videos
  • Your pictures and/or videos won’t be deleted if/when others are
  • Your profile can be viewed by all buyers
  • Your feet pictures/videos can be viewed by all buyers
  • You can see and contact buyers directly
  • You can receive messages from all buyers
  • You can reply to all messages from all buyers
  • You can receive cash gifts from buyers
  • You can sell your customized feet pictures to all buyers
  • You can sell your customized feet videos to all buyers
  • You can get your profile/pictures rotating as “featured” on the homepage
  • You can be among those “featured” on our ads on big sites, for increased exposure!
  • You get a much faster response from Feetify support team if/when they have questions or issues
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY, Feetify REALLY PAYS the most active premium sellers every month who post their best quality feet pictures/videos, if no buyer does!


Upgrade to Premium Membership

You can upgrade to premium membership to buy or sell feet pictures and videos. This membership plan has two options:

  • You can pay $47 for 5 Months Premium membership, or
  • You can pay $97 for 12 Months Premium membership



The above are important details about Feetify. This review highlights how you can use this platform as a buyer or seller. Everything you need to know about Feetify is also revealed.


8 Ways To Make Money In Retirement

This article reveals 8 very easy ways for anyone to make money in retirement

1. Participate in Focus Groups or Panel Discussions

A focus group is a panel of people who can share their opinion about a specific product or service.

They should gather online or offline to give their views about product features, benefits, etc.

Focus group companies use the information that you provide to help improve client’s research and development efforts.

As a retiree with experience on the use of some products, you can apply to join an online or offline focus group in your area.

If you are chosen as a participant, you may earn up to $50-$100 for spending 15-30 minutes sharing your views and experience with panel members.


2. Rent Your Garage or Apartments for Cash

You can make extra money with the extra space you have in your home.

There is a chance that some people would need the space in your garage, large courtyard, or some other areas for their meetings, parties, or other events.

You can rent the spaces out and make money from time to time.

If your apartment is also free, then you should consider renting it out to tenants or to people who want to use them for events.


3. Cook, Bake and Sell Your Special Recipe

If you have the culinary skill to cook special delicious meals or bake tasty pastries, then you can make extra money as a retiree.

You can cook, bake or sell your recipes to make extra money.

You may also package a special cooking or baking recipe in a video and sell to interested individuals.

You can build a cooking website and create an e-book or a video of the dishes you make and sell to your audience.


4. Become a Social Media Manager

If you are the kind of retiree that have shown great interest in social media then you can start to make extra money as a social media manager.

What you do in this respect is help individuals or businesses to get exposures and improve their engagements on social media networks.

These include platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google +, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Kingged etc.

You can help the clients to post items, make comments, respond to comments, and follow influencers on social media.

If you know what you are doing, you would be making good money as a social media manager.


5. Test the User-friendliness of Websites and Get Paid

Retirees can make extra money by helping companies to test websites.

Yes, you can sign up with companies that want you to test the links, posts, navigations, plugins, and other features of their websites.

You are to make sure that the features and programs installed on the websites guarantee the user-friendliness of the website.  You would be paid for the time you spent testing the site.

Some Website testing sites you can check out include and Analysia


6. Walk Dogs for Others and Get Paid

Some people don’t have the time to walk their dogs but would gladly pay others to do just that.

You can help walk dogs for your neighbors or friends and make extra money.

As a retiree, this is a simple way to make extra money especially if you are a dog lover.

You can work at your own time and walk dogs in the morning or at night.


7. Become a Handyman and Get Paid

You can get busy as a handyman even if you have retired from an active job.

As a handyman, you can help households to fix or repair things.

You can be a gatekeeper, run errands, or complete small jobs for clients. A handyman job can be done as part-time or as permanent.

If you still have the energy and skill to move around then this is the type of job that earns you extra money as a retiree.

You can find such jobs in your neighborhood or have friends or colleagues refer you to any opportunity.


8. Watch Online TV, Movie or Video and Get Paid

If you spend time online watching movies or videos, you can use this opportunity to make extra money as a retiree.

You can spend time doing what you love and still get paid for your time.

There are websites that offer viewers the chance to make extra money by just watching TV, movie, or video clips of advertisements in a few minutes.

Some of these websites may ask you to leave some comments to get paid.

As a retiree, you can take advantage of these opportunities to make extra money. Some of the websites you can check out for these opportunities include Perk TV, Viggle, and InboxDollars.


8 Cool Jobs For 14-Year-Olds

According to The Fair Labor Standards Act(FLSA), 14 is the minimum age in which teenagers are allowed to work.

If you have a 14-year-old you like to work, there are definitely several different jobs out there for him or her to consider.

However, based on FLSA, there is a limit to the type of jobs that 14-year-olds could do and the number of hours they are allowed to work.

That said, here are quick on some of the best jobs that 14-year-olds can do to make money.

The Fair Labor Standards Act(FLSA) for 14-year-olds

First off, it must be noted that The Fair Labor Standards Act(FLSA)  states that teenagers are limited to work in the following hours:

  • 3 hours on a school day;
  • 18 hours in a school week;
  • 8 hours on a non-school day;
  • 40 hours in a non-school week; and
  • between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., except from June 1 through Labor Day, when nighttime work hours are extended to 9 p.m.

So the above means that, on a school day, you may work outside school hours up to 3 hours per day and 18 hours per week, including Friday.

When school is not in session you may work up to 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week.

You may only work between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (except June 1st through Labor Day you can work until 9 p.m.)

8 Types of jobs suitable for 14-year-olds

Below are some of the best jobs to consider as a 14 year old:

1. Landscaper

A landscaper is someone who helps to beautify the environment. He helps plant flowers and designs outdoors to make for a beautiful environment.

Mowing lawns, pruning bushes and trees, spreading mulch, and getting things done to keep someone’s property looking great are what landscapers do.

14-year-olds can work as a landscaper to earn good money. Landscaping jobs can be carried out part-time or fulltime.

The job does not require a strict education or work experience. Access to a lawnmower and a weed whacker is a good way to start making money as a landscaper.

It is good to know that mowing lawns remain one of the most profitable jobs that teenagers can do.

The average pay for most landscapers is around $11 per hour. You can also charge this fee as you work by yourself. The going rate for lawn service offered by non-professionals is $40 to $60 per lawn.


2. Dishwasher

You can work as a dishwasher and earn money even if you are  14 years old. A dishwasher washes clean and organizes dishes like plates, glasses, cutlery, and other items used serving guests at restaurants.

He can also do other jobs like assisting the kitchen staff and table waiters. Some dishwashers use large washing machines while others wash plates, spoons, knives, cups, etc, manually.

A dishwasher can make between $19,000 and $35000 a year depending on where he works.


3. Blogger

Blogging is one of the jobs that most 14-year-olds will find profitable doing. He or she can have a blog and post interesting content regularly. You can post texts, videos, audios, or photographs as content on the blog.

If you build a large following on your blog, then you can easily make good money from it.

You can monetize the blog in different ways like sell items on the blog, advertise products or services on it, or you can also make money through affiliate marketing.


4. Dog walker

If you are a 14-year-old that loves dogs, then you can become a dog walker and get paid.

You help dog owners take their dogs for a walk at a specific time in a day or weekend.

Dog walking pays well and you can earn up to $40 per day. You can walk many dogs at once earn more money from different dog owners.

Most dog walkers earn above $1200 per month. The earning depends on the rate agreed upon and how many dogs you can walk.


5. Babysitter

You can work as a babysitter and earn money if you are 14-year-old. A babysitter helps others to look after their kids. They can do this job fulltime or parttime at their schedule.

Although a 14-year-old can be considered young for a work a nanny or babysitting job the truth remains that if a 14-year-old shows a certain level of maturity and reliability then he or she can be considered for a job of a babysitter by many parents.

Non-licensed babysitters like most 14-year-olds can earn around $25 per hour.


6. Waitstaff

The waitstaff is someone employed to wait at tables in a restaurant. 14-year-olds can work as Waitstaff and earn money.

The job can be done part-time or full time. Waitstaff may take orders from customers, deliver the order, and clear the table.

You can earn good money as you work in a restaurant as a Waitstaff.


7. Newspaper Deliverer

A newspaper deliverer is a person that delivers newspapers to subscribers.

The job is done year-round. 14-year-olds can do this job they can pick up the newspapers and head straight to the address of the subscriber to deposit it.

A newspaper delivery job is suitable for 14-year-olds. It is a flexible job which you can do at your schedule.


8. Pool Cleaner

14-year-olds can work and earn money as pool cleaners. You can help neighbors clean their dirty swimming pools and get paid for it.

The job entails removing pieces of debris on the pool using vacuum cleaners. Some cleaning chemicals can also be added to the water to remove the debris and keep the pool sparkling clean.

The more pools you clean in a day, the more money you make. Pool cleaning jobs can be done parttime or fulltime.

Apart from the above jobs, 14-year-olds can also do apps developer job, sales assistant job, FarmHand job, Tutor job, and Graphic designer job.


7 Best Hobbies that can Make you Money

Hobbies that make money are the absolute best, aren’t they?

Thankfully it’s indeed possible to make money doing what you lov, as you will find from reading this article.

So, yes, a hobby is an activity you can do during your free time, mostly for stress-relieving purposes and relaxation.

But there are some hobbies that we tend to enjoy, and we end up doing them more often and being quite skillful at them.

Do you have this hobby-turned-talent, too? Well, the good news is you can earn with that ability of yours!

If you haven’t discovered a hobby yet, feel free to read more as we list down the best ones that can be monetized, and hoping you may find what’s suitable for you.


1. Writing

This hobby can open so many opportunities for you, depending on the effort you put in – from being a freelancer writing for small businesses, or having a blog site of your own where people visit and contact you for big deals.

Sitting for hours and having so many ideas that you can put into a creative flow of words, writing is a hobby that opens a long list of careers for those willing to give the effort and take the risk.

Besides actual writing, you can also offer other services like editing and proofreading, given you have made a writer portfolio.

Tons of websites and programs are available to enhance your writing skills and start your freelance writing services for free.

Although blogging requires cash investment for having your site domain, it is where you can present your words freely in any niche you are interested in at the moment.

Also See: How To Make Money Reading Emails Online.


2. Crafting

Perhaps your ideas cannot be entirely confined into words but more into designs. Then you are maybe into crafting.

Making crafts during your spare time is genuinely relaxing, and your artistic side is expressed.

Plus, the fact that people tend to love everything handmade readily can certainly attract buyers within a couple of weeks (or even days) of advertising your crafted goods.

Speaking of advertising, social media platforms are the most accessible outlets for it.

Only posting artistically captured photos of your original crafts, coupled with appropriate trending hashtags, you can reach thousands of accounts.

There are websites too where you can promote your products and let them do the shipping process.

You need to invest some cash, though, but your viewing traffic will be useful as you will be part of their ads and promotions.


3. Cooking

Do you have a cuisine that can be a hit? Or maybe you can cook and instruct at the same time?

Whatever the season, people are always looking for something to cook apart from their usual dishes.

Of course, they will use the internet to search for trending, easy-to-cook recipes.

With cooking, you can start your blog or vlog site (or both), showcasing your delicious creations.

Social media platforms are also good outlets for your food photos, videos, and services.

With enough money and connections, you can head into a shop or a restaurant business immediately.


4. Photography

If you have that skill to capture mesmerizing images or shots that belong to a particular niche, you can earn with your talent.

Photos are critical features to various fields such as blogs, magazines, social media articles, and the like.

You can even sell your feet photographs and other photographs to some sponsored posts on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Another way is to turn your originally photographed images into a design and sell it as a framed or canvass print.

Images that have artistic touches are excellent for living room displays; hence, your pictures are monetized.

Do not worry about the printing and shipping processes, as there are many print-on-demand websites that you can join.

These sites do the mentioned tasks without asking for your money, but you only get a percentage of the sales.


5. Music

Another artistic hobby that can turn into talent is if you are a musically inclined person. It gives you chances to earn more.

You can record and produce your songs, beats, or sounds in music platforms such as SoundCloud and Spotify.

Then, advertise them on social media through posting a teaser of your record.

Music can also be an interesting niche for a blog website or YouTube channel. It will require another set of skills, though, such as writing and video editing.

Tutoring or teaching music is another steady opportunity.

A lot of parents are searching for an expert or intermediate level musician to teach their kids either online or personally.


6. Comedy

Having a comedic talent is not the learnable type – it is best when it comes naturally.

Natural-born comedians can make people laugh from a particular statement or act without really putting too much effort.

There’s just something hilarious about them and how they deliver a punch line or a joke.

Depending on your location, there are several comedy clubs where you can monetize your funny antics and skills.

These clubs are mostly always looking for a new jester to bring in new sets of laughs.

You can also opt to do vlogs of comedy skits and post it on your YouTube channel and social media accounts.

Promote your videos with the trending hashtags to get enough subscribers and views, and you will start earning from them.


7. Gaming

The latest technologies have been developed in the gaming world, too.

Gaming is a costly hobby, considering all the pricey equipment and the constant game updates that every real gamer is eager to have their hands on.

Bringing out certain games through live streaming is another way of earning while doing your hobby.

With enough connections and your confidence and mastery in playing, you can get your invested cash back.

If you can bid farewell to your old gaming gears, you can also sell them to conventions.

There are also game collectors continually looking for authentic and antique gaming materials, which will give you a reasonable amount of money, depending on the product you’re selling.

Hobbies can also be a source of profit if one will put effort into honing it into a talent.

But most importantly, choose a pastime that you will truly enjoy and love – because reducing your worries and tensions through it is enough reward.